Six Reasons I Love my Leaf Blower & Why You Need One

Reasons I love and Own a Leaf Blower by Momma Loves Coffee.

Never in a million years would I think I could get so excited about a garden tool. But the day has come where I have found a tool whose goodness I have to share with the world. Which tool you might ask?

The mighty and magical leaf blower.

Not only is using a leaf blower tons of fun, it has multiple uses that make this one of my new favorite garden tools. Because I love it so much and think every homeowner should have the joy and satisfaction of using this tool, I give you my favorite reasons why owning a leaf blower is essential.

6 reasons you need a leaf blower right now.

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The obvious… Picking up leaves.

Living in Southern California, our landscape and weather have left us with exactly one tree in our front yard that sheds its many leaves every winter. But guess what? Neighboring trees don’t get the memo to stay on their side of the fence. So during this time of year, both our front and backyard gets riddled with leaves. Having a mixture or grass, wood chips, and small rock, it was a challenge previously to keep everything looking maintained. The leaves were nearly impossible to rake up without getting the wood chips too, and we faced a similar problem with the rock. Not anymore. Our leaf blower has the perfect level of power to dust off the top layer while leaving the bottom where it should stay.


Clean patio and walkways with ease and speed!

Those large garage brooms are great for cleaning the cement outside, but a leaf blower is even better 🙂 Talk about working smarter not harder! Use the leaf blower first to corral the debris into one area and then sweep it up into the trash. Done.

Save Water & Get to Places the Broom Can’t.

My husband has a strong love for our pressure washer. He uses it for everything. Including his favorite excuse to use it on the patio- that area where the house and concrete meet and the broom just cant reach. Not anymore. This leaf blower is great for clearing out that area, as well as all the cracks or grooves of cement/brick.

Dust out the garage!

Again, not only is this method faster and easier than sweeping, you effectively save grossness from touching the broom. Perfect real life example: recently we discovered that we had a rat living in our garage. This rat was so destructive! In less than a week and before pest control could help us, it had chewed through drywall, parts of the garage door, and left its insane amount of droppings everywhere! It was disgusting. Cleaning up the rat poop was the worst. It wasn’t difficult, but it was horrible knowing that traces of its feces were now going to be lightly embedded into the broom and so forth. If we had the leaf blower, I could have simply blew it out the door then promptly pressure washed the floor.

Save towels and paint while car washing.

Just like the big blower at the car wash, use the leaf blower to get rid of the majority of the water droplets. This works especially fantastic on wheels! No more crouching down or water spots. You may still need a towel, but not the basketful like before. Additionally, car lovers will rejoice at the fact that less toweling means keeping your paint safe from swirl marks.

Help dry paint large projects.

Painting something on the fly? This tool is essentially a large blow dryer. Help speed up projects by putting it to use.

Have I convinced you yet??

If the cost or research of tool shopping stresses you out, I’ve got you covered. This is the exact model that my husband and I ordered via amazon prime and we absolutely love it. No need for expensive, heavy duty versions, this $29 leaf blower is perfect for most people’s needs.

greenworks electric leaf blower

Pros: lightweight, long cord, good power, simple sturdy construction, low cost.

Cons: a bit loud.


Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Comment below if you have any questions or other fun ways that you like to use your leaf blower!


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