My Secret of How to Find Time to Pray

Life is hard and finding time to pray seems like an uphill battle #amiright? As the years pass, few responsibilities become many, and life becomes more complex. Marriage, parenthood, finances, the works. At the end of the day, sometimes it’s a triumph just to get dinner on the table. I get it.

That description above- that’s you, that’s me, and so many other women I encounter.

And of course, you can’t go on social media without seeing these super awesome ladies who obviously have their act together. Posts of beautiful bible journaling, coffee and scripture time, faith based crafts with kids and more fill our feeds. Despite the good intentions, these semi-inspiring posts can sometime leave our efforts feeling less than enough.

But I am here to remind you today that through the grace of God, you are more than enough, and our prayer life and journeys are all going to look different. Mary, Martha, Ruth, and Esther are perfect biblical examples of how wildly diverse one’s path to holiness can be. We are all in this together, striving and struggling towards holiness.

So chin up buttercup, not everyone’s a Mary, and that’s ok.

With that said, recently I came across business coach Hilary Rushford’s 10 Day Elegant Excellence Experience, which I highly recommend checking out later. What can a business coach teach about prayer life? Hear me out. Her big take away is surprising applicable to just about anything and is truly a game changer…

The reality is that no matter what your end goal is, if you’re waiting for that perfect day with designated time and motivation set aside- or the time and ability to implement a routine… you’re gonna be waiting a loooong time. But it is fact that we all have 5-10 minutes “here and there”. The challenge is to use just one of those 10 minute increments daily to take a small step towards what you desire more time for, in this case prayer.

Sounds all too easy, right? Or maybe it doesn’t seem like enough. But if more time with God is what you seek, then opening up the conversation even for only a short time is better than avoiding Him altogether. Like any goal, baby steps in the right direction are what eventually get us to the final destination.

So what’s your favorite way to pray?

Maybe it’s reading scripture, or journaling, or even going to a chapel or special spot and just spending some time in silent meditation. I invite you to pick one, just one way that you love to pray and challenge yourself to make that happen daily for ten minutes and for just ten days. I bet if you complete this challenge you will find yourself at the end spending more than just ten minutes a day. Think you’ll finish the ten days barely eeking out the minimum? That’s ok! Cause guess what, that means you successfully launched a routine of prayer! And that is worth celebrating.

In my own experience I have found this works best when I think about what my typical day will be like and where I might have some down time. Make it a routine. Think, when are you most likely to surf social media or watch the latest episode of a show? Switch it up! Give God what would normally be idle time anyway and feel good!

Cause let’s be honest…

Most of the time browsing FB or instagram doesn’t necessarily make us feel better about ourselves. Validation in the form of likes is what we seek, but all it takes is that one photo to bring us down. So put the phone down and choose joy, choose God.

Having trouble deciding how to use your time praying? Take a second to clear your mind and think back.. When in the past have you felt the most fruitful in your prayer life? What set your heart on fire? Where were you and what types of things were you doing? Here are some ideas to get you going 🙂

  • Read scripture / spiritual book
  • Journaling to God
  • Listening to praise and worship / hymns
  • Meditating on a fruit of the spirit: love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control
  • Listen to a faith based podcast
  • Look through old photos & recall your blessings
  • Take a walk or jog and invite God into your heart and mind
  • Pray out loud. “Shout to the Lord!” If needed 😉
  • Pray for others, starting with those closest to you
  • Choose a prayer from history: try the 5 prayers that changed the world or 250 popular prayers 

I hope this post gets you pumped and primed to renew your journey in prayer! Let’s open the floodgates of heaven and let his mercies and graces rain down on us. Have a friend who could use these words? Please feel free to share this post.


Now it’s your turn, tell me what are your favorite ways to pray? I’d love to hear!

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