Four Lessons I Learned from Organizing my Closet

Four lessons I learned organizing my closet

Recently, I met up with Jena Love from Rooms Need Love for a closet organization and beautification collaboration. Let me tell you, I am so happy I did it and totally recommend her services to anyone thinking their closet needs a little help. Jena introduced me to a new style of folding and I am now totally a KonMari advocate. I’m sure some of you are giving me the eye roll, but here me out! Today I’m going to highlight the benefits from what I’ve learned and implemented since the purge.

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Lesson #1: EVERYONE can benefit from organizing their closet.

I will admit, I did not think my closet was in need of that much help. Like most people, I like to think of myself as a relatively organized person. And truly, generally speaking my house is in decent order. So halfway through the attack when I realized there were clothes I had forgotten about or thought were lost altogether, I was a little surprised. Obviously, the decluttering was more of a need and not just a nice idea.

While the closet certainly didn’t look out of control, the reality is that just because something is visually tidy, doesn’t make it organized. Furthermore, why doesn’t love more space? Time to go attack that closet!


Lesson #2: You seriously don’t need THAT many clothes.

Seeing my closet after the purge was so shocking! And if I’m totally honest, in both good ways and bad. The struggle between the excitement of all the space and lack of clutter was competing with the reality of over half my wardrobe being gone. Suddenly the space felt almost naked. I loved the fact that as soon as I walked into the space I could breathe, and there instantly felt like there was more light! Yet a small part of me remained scared thinking, “but what am I going to wear?” I was missing my visual lack of options already.

Over half my closet in trash bags!

But folks, that’s exactly what it is… a visual. What happened in the week following was amazing. Putting away laundry became a breeze, choosing outfits took less than two minutes, and I never once wanted to rifle through the bags of clothes in the garage that were waiting to be donated. It was so liberating! And now a whole month later, I can honestly say I haven’t missed or wished for a single piece of clothing from the purge. Now if I can just convince my husband to let me attack his side!

If you need help deciding what to keep or donate, check out Jena’s 10 questions to ask when purging your closet. Or if you’re local, hire her! It was so nice having the moral support/back up to help me confidently declutter.

Closet after

Lesson #3: KonMari style folding is magic!

At one point Jena showed me a video about folding- KonMari style. The YouTube tutorial showed a camisol, a sock, and bra. Your typical undergarment drawer. While the clothes were beautifully folded, I have to admit my mind instantly thought.. obviously this “stand test” will not work for ALL delicates. Think of those thin no show socks and other shall we say “itty bitty” items 🙂 even dress slips! Surely those would not work. But it did!! I was floored. I had written off certain items and happened to try just one for the heck of it, and it worked! Suddenly I looked at the small pile with whole new eyes. Some things seem impossible until you try…

Here’s the video on the basics of the folding method.

So simple, right?!

Best part about this lesson? The beauty of seeing everything folded so nicely and easily visible makes acquiring this habit so easy! After the initial visit, I quietly wondered how long my beautiful sock drawer would last. Truth time: I am happy to report that now even my husband’s side of the dresser is folded in the same way! And he absolutely loves it. Try it, I bet you will too.

Last but not least…

Lesson #4: Organization is motivation.

The sooner you organize your closet, the sooner you will want to turn it into the closet of your dreams. See all those beautiful closets on Pinterest and then stare at yours and think “nah…” Me too, but not after this. Talk about some motivation. Expect a before and after DIY closet beautification post to be coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek of the new closet style and my reward for purging half of my closet and staying on track with this minimalist lifestyle.

I decided it was finally time to have all matching velvet hangers and a good looking closet organizer.

So what are you waiting for???

Go make yourself a cup of coffee and get to it! Better yet, convince a group of friends to commit to purging their closets and host a clothing swap after. Definitely include shoes and accessories in the mix, and don’t forget about refreshments!

Jena hosted one this past weekend and I’m pretty sure we all happily left with some new favorites, free of charge. Never heard of a clothing swap? No problem, check out her post hosting a clothing swap party like a boss.

And speaking of motivation…

Here are some super cute printables to fill that newly decluttered space of yours 💕

Momma Loves Coffee Free printables

If the declutter bug has hit you, see my post on 10 ways to decorate and repurpose decorative tiles. Until next time, comment below telling me what excites you or scares you from trying out a minimalist lifestyle…

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