DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Pacifier Clip

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Momma Loves Coffee diy Tutorial how to make a pacifier clip


Save the germs and your sanity!


Here’s an easy DIY tutorial showing you how to make your own pacifier clips with a little fabric, ribbon, and cute metal suspender clips.


Supplies Needed to Make DIY Pacifier Clips:

⚪️ Fabric – I used fabric scraps the first time around
⚪️ Ribbon or Elastic – I used 1/8″ elastic.
⚪️ Suspender Clips
⚪️ Thread
⚪️ Iron
⚪️ Scissors or Rotary Cutter
⚪️ Pins – helpful, but totally optional.
⚪️ Sewing Machine or Sewing Needle (to sew by hand)

Supplies for diy paci clip

How to Make a Pacifier Clip:

1. Cut fabric strip to 4″x9″.

I’ve seen other tutorials that call for the length to be anywhere from 10-12″ but personally feel this is a bit long. However, that’s the beauty of DIY- the decision is totally up to your discretion! Remember the final size will be roughly an 1.5” shorter than the size you cut. You don’t want it to be too long and drag on the floor, but long enough to reach baby’s mouth comfortably.

2. Iron fabric strip.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, and iron. Then fold each end in toward the middle seam, roughly ¼” and iron. Fold each half of the length in towards the middle, and iron. At the end, you are left with a neat strip that is 1” in width.

3. Sew fabric edges.

Sew along the two long sides of the strip. Keeping close to the edge will help to keep lines straight.

Sew your own pacifier clip

4. Cut the ribbon or elastic and place in one end of the fabric.

Measure and cut to at least 5” long. Remember, the actual size will be little less than half of what you measure once folded over and sewn in place. If using ribbon, you may want to make this a little longer since it lacks the “give” of elastic.

Universal pacifier clip

5. Sew the ribbon in place, and the end of the fabric strip close.

Simply start from one edge and sew across to the end. I like to add a dab of fabric glue  and back stitch the entire length for extra security.

6. Attach metal clasp.

Slide the suspender clip onto the other end, and fold the end of the fabric over a little less than an inch. These are the clips I personally use and order from amazon.

7. Sew the clip in place.

There’s a couple different things you can do here…
If you’re new to sewing or just like efficiency, sewing a straight line or
simple zigzag pattern will do the job. If you feel like getting fancy, the “rectangle and X” pattern is a popular and polished look. I like to go for efficiency 🙂


8. Attach pacifier to the ribbon or elastic end and you’re done!

 DIY Paci Clip checklist from momma loves coffee

Some Tips:

▪️Matching thread works wonders in hiding stitching imperfections! Contrasting color thread can be a beautiful accent to the design, but is much less forgiving of wandering lines.

▪️When starting and ending a line of sewing, always back stitch a little to securely lock the thread in place.

▪️ As with all infant accessories, never leave a child unattended or sleeping with these pacifier clip.

Can’t wait for my little March baby to come and model these bad boys!

P.S. Want to gift one of these but don’t have the time to make them? See my collection of super cute paci clips here!


Momma Loves coffee pacifier Clips



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    1. So glad you liked it! It is super easy, I’ve been a real “sewer” for all of two or three months now and just happened to fall in love with it 🙂 Let me know how it goes!