DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Bandana Bib


How to make your own bandana bib tutorial by Momma Loves Coffee. Learn how to make this super easy, stylish, and functional bib in five steps!

If you know anything about babies, you know that drool happens. A lot. Especially when your little one is going through one of the multiple stages of teething, drool seems to be a constant. Help keep your babe dry and stylish in a super cute bandana bib. Not only will you save some clothes and loads of laundry, you can save money making your own with this simple tutorial.

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▪️Two pieces of fabric (minimum 22”x8”**)

▪️ Pins

▪️ Scissors or rotary cutter

▪️ Snap fasteners (Velcro or button works too)

▪️ Thread

▪️ Sewing machine or needle

▪️ Bandana bib pattern

Step 1

Start by printing my free bandana bib pattern onto normal printer paper, and cut it out. This will be your template for cutting the fabric, and should fit most kiddos ages newborn to 2 years.

Momma Loves Coffee free bandana Bib Pattern.



When it comes to choosing fabrics, keep in mind the practical aspect of this baby accessory… to catch all that “essence of youth” or better known, drool. You want a fabric that is not only stylish but also soft to touch and absorbent. Flannel, jersey knit cotton, muslin, and terry cloth are all great choices. Or, repurpose old clothing and baby towels or blankets that would otherwise get tossed or donated.The best handmade gifts for new moms and newborns. Handmade doesn’t have to be difficult, check out these simple ideas great for anyone new to sewing or on a budget. Get more tutorials at

Step 2

Once you have your fabric, fold the first piece of fabric enough so that the pattern aligns and fits on the folded portion. Cut fabric according to the pattern. Repeat with the second piece of fabric, or use the first as a full size template to cut around.


Momma Loves Coffee DIY banana a bib tutorial. Step 2 Cut put fabrics according to free pattern.

Step 3

Pin the front sides of the fabric so that they are facing together. You will first sew the bib “inside-out”, leaving a gap to turn it right side out again. Start along the bottom edge using a ¼” seam allowance, sew around the bib edge. Remember to stop at least 1-2” for turning the fabric.


DIY bandana bib tutorial. Step 3 Pin fabric around edges

DIY bandana bib tutorial. Step 3 sew inside out and allow two inch gap for turning out

Step 4

Turn the bib right side out by reaching into the gap and pulling the opposite side through. Fold in the edges of the gap, and use a ⅛” seam allowance to top stitch around the bib.


Momma Loves Coffee DIY bandana bib tutorial. Step 4 turning out bib and sewing top stitch.


Point of preference: you can choose to top stitch all the way around the bib or just the bottom side. Some like the extra decorative touch, and others prefer a softer edge along the child’s face… and a little less work!

Step 5

Lastly, to finish the bib you will need to add a way to fasten the ends. I love using KAMsnaps (plastic snap buttons). For a single project it doesn’t make sense to make the small investment for the tool set. However, kamsnaps work so well for so many projects, if you are a DIY or craft lover it is well worth the purchase. Alternative options to kamsnaps would be Velcro or a traditional button and buttonhole.

Momma Loves Coffee DIY bandana bib tutorial step 5: add Kamsnaps or alternative fastener.

Once you have your fasteners, attach them to the opposite ends of the fabric. Make sure they are positioned so that the fasteners overlap properly.

Congratulations! You just made your first bandana bib!

Momma Loves Coffee diy Bandana Bib Tutorial


So cute on boys and girls, I love that bandana bibs are as stylish as they are functional. Can’t wait for baby boy #2 to come and sport one of these!


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Pin this tutorial for later! Momma Loves Coffee

***Also, please remember this important safety tip: Never leave any bib on a sleeping or unsupervised baby.***


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  1. Yes! I LOVED making these for my little guy when he was a baby, and for friends when they became moms too. They really are just the cutest thing ever. 🙂

    1. That’s so awesome, I can’t wait for baby #2 to sport these 🙂 And they do make great gifts, I bet your friends loved them!

    1. Thanks so much, Justine! I love repurposing. Not sure if you’re familiar with the Disney Planes movie, but I identify with Maroo “It’s better than new!”😂

  2. Congrats on Baby Boy #2 (from a fellow #boymom)! Your easy to follow steps made this seem like something I could actually handle – lol! I recently taught myself how to hem pants, so I think this might be my next project!

  3. I remember those days! These are cute and you can do whatever material you want. I want to sew or learn to see more. These would be a nice project to start with. A nice personal gift for a mommy to be.

    1. It is such an unexpectedly fun hobby to pick up! You start to realize how many things you can make and how not that hard it is really once you get comfortable with it all.

    1. Thank you so much! I remember my grandma teaching me to sew by hand when I was little, but trying out the sewing machine was so scary! After you finish your 1st project though, you realize how awesome and easy it is, you should totally give it a try 🙂