The Best Handmade Gifts for New Moms & Newborns

Want to get that new mom in your life a sweet gift but strapped on cash? Or maybe you have a crafty side but can’t decide on what to make? I’ve got you covered! Read on for a list of the best handmade gifts for new moms and newborns.

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Becoming a mom for the second time I realize just how ambitious I was with my list of things to make for my new baby. I don’t know that I actually expected to buy anything! But God graced me with so many beautiful handmade gifts from family and friends that the small void or sadness I felt disappeared. It turned from lack of being able to fulfill those dreams of “mommy made this for you” to a sweet comfort in being able to tell my little one how loved he is by so many, not just mommy.

So without further ado, here is a list of a dozen useful and sweet gifts you can make for favorite momma. Choose one or a couple to make as a set, either way she’s sure to love it 🙂

1. Fun Shape Pillow

One of the first gifts I ever got, and still one of our family favorites. Fun and functional, there are so many options to choose from and a great way to include a little personality. Hearts, animals, transportation, or a favorite character (think mini mouse). A dear friend of ours knew how much all things aviation would be a part of our future family, and thus made our little man this airplane pillow. Thanks, Amelia! 💕

Airplane pillow

2. Simple Blanket or Quilt

Don’t have the skill set to crochet a blanket? Me either! Grab a yard or two of the cutest soft fabric you see and sew two square pieces together. Easy peasy. Or looking for a little bit of a challenge? Step it up a notch and try your hand at quilting or making a small taggie blanket. Baby blankets are perfect for those new to sewing either by hand or machine. The small size and uncomplicated structure make this a very forgiving and doable project to tackle. Bonus: this pairs perfectly with the pillow idea. (Picture above)

3. Paci Clips

Save the germs and a new mom’s sanity with this ingenious invention! Paci clips have an attachment piece that secure the baby’s pacifier on one end and clips onto the baby’s clothes at the opposite end. Probably the most complicated of the projects simply for the sake of the supplies needed, but still so much fun to make and really not that difficult! Check out this tutorial on how to make your own, or if you love the idea but not sure if this project is right for you, shop a variety of cute designs by yours truly 🙂

Pacifier clip from momma Loves Coffee

4. Bandana Bib

Catch the drool and help the new kiddo look super cool in a trendy bandana bib 😎 This style is great for boys and girls, and is super easy to make! A single yard of fabric will go a long way, allowing you to make a set or multiples for future friends and babies. Keep in mind, in this tutorial you will need one inexpensive “specialty tool” but can get away with using a bit of Velcro instead.


5. Diaper & Wipes Strap

Help the new momma save time and keep organized with one of these diaper straps.

6. Burp Cloths

I must have been blessed with a dozen or more of these and I remember thinking, “This is so excessive! I won’t have any laundry to do, I should give some away…”. Then my little monster came and I quickly realized that new babies spit up or make messes A LOT. One thing I learned as a first time mom was that you can never have enough burp cloths and One thing I learned as a first time mom was that you can never have enough burp cloths, OR blankets!

Burp cloths



7. Wash Cloths

Wash cloths and socks always seem to go missing. Help stock up the new momma with a present that’s is simple, small, and fast to create. Just think, you’ll get to help make bath time fun, stylish, and above all special and soft 🙂

8. DIY Laundry Detergent

Baby skin is so sensitive, and baby laundry soap can be downright expensive! Make your own newborn and environmentally friendly detergent for fraction of the cost.

(Makes appox 1/2 gal.)

6 cups washing soda (can usually be found in the detergent aisle)
3 bars of castile soap, or any bar soap with coconut oil



And… that’s it, two ingredients! Chop up or grate the soap and mix with the washing soda. Use 1-2 tablespoons per load of laundry.

Pair this with a DIY laundry tag, using an old square coaster and this lovely free printable 🙂

Clean or dirty dishwasher printable

9. Children’s Book

One of my favorite ideas, this project has endless possibilities and ways to create something special. It can be a story about mom & dad, the baby, a tried and true nursery tale or biblical story, or even something educational! It’s never too early to start learning and foster a love of books. Create your own out of felt or fun patterned fabrics, scrapbook materials, etc. this project is especially great for those who don’t sew! My sis-in-law made the one below, and included some fun details in the illustrations from grandma and grandpa’s house. Isn’t it the cutest?!

Children’s book momma loves coffee

 Fun ideas


* Color books using paint chips


* No sew / quiet felt books


* DIY board book


* Personalized prayer book


* Family traditions / story



10. Nursing Cover

Talk about the easy way out! This project takes one small line of stitching if you choose to go the stylish nursing scarf route. Find some cute, stretchy, and breathable fabric, fold in half, and cut to the desired length you need. Sew the two ends together, and badabing, you’re done! Or you can get fancy and make a two-in-one carrier cover too..

11. Teething Necklace

I love this one on amazon, but guess what? I’ve also totally seen those awesome silicon beads at all the major craft stores and know it’s not too difficult to make. If you’re a hobby jewlery maker or have an eye for design, this project is for you! All you need is the string , beads, and clasps for the ends.

12. Baby Carrier Cover

Help the new baby stay warm, shaded, and even protected from germs! And while you’re at it, help the momma from picking up loose blankets from falling or dragging on the ground. There are two main styles to choose from, check out the differences in the YouTube tutorials above and below.


* For sewing projects, use a thread color that matches the fabric you’re using. Forget about any worries of others noticing any stitching imperfections. No one will notice if your lines are not perfectly straight, just the incredibly cute and thoughtful gift.

* Don’t be afraid to be creative and modify projects for sake of ease. Don’t have a particular item? There is almost always an alternative method. Velcro and fabric glue can work some serious wonders. Where there is a will, there is a way 🙂

* Dont forget your coupons when you go shopping! Fun fact: Joann’s allows competitor coupons and has a fantastic app that’s always got all the store coupons loaded and ready to go. 


So there you have it! A dozen frugal and easy homemade gifts for your favorite new mom and baby. Which are your favorites either to make or receive? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

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