Hi, I’m Ashley!

Avid thrift addict and nearly professional vagabond here. I believe in Jesus, DIY, and lots of coffee. I am blessed to be the wife of the most handsome dark hair-blue eyed man, and momma of two rambunctious boys! Fun fact: My husband and I are a couple of Southern California natives who love going out to breakfast, dream of opening up our own B&B or little cafe someday, and drink way too much coffee. #wedrinkcoffelikeagilmore, but seriously.

Nerd Alert! 🤓

I have a degree in Biology from Franciscan University and have visions of someday becoming a modern day Marie Curie. However, currently I am loving my gift of motherhood and wish to soak up every minute of it! Hence why I left the biotech world, and started up this little blog. Luckily, all those years of studying made me quite the exceptional researcher, and this is what I hope to bring to you. If my “research” can help you make decisions while saving you time and money, I am happy to report my findings 🙂

Thank you for visiting, please browse around and enjoy!

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